As a Sponsor, in return for an annual sponsorship donation of $3000.00,  your company branding will be displayed on the SNCA web page, with an embedded link to your own site or content. Sponsors may request to have this content updated as often as they wish.

Sponsors will be invited to attend all SNCA meetings, gatherings, and conferences where they may take advantage of all available networking opportunities, and freely distribute branded material. Sponsors may on occasion be requested to provide speakers for events. Sponsorship donations will support general running costs, such as web hosting and administration expenses; and also where approved by the Board of Directors, to fund disbursements to SNCA members for educational opportunities including but not limited to, subsidized training, exam vouchers and text books.

Sponsors may request exclusivity in their particular vertical in order to ensure that they are not placed alongside their competitors e.g., A telecommunications company may request that they are the only telecommunications company to appear as an SNCA sponsor. Sponsorship renewals will be due one calendar year from the date initial payment was received. Sponsorship endorsement may be cancelled by the sponsor at any time.


To become a Sponsor, please use the payment link below. 



Our Educational Partners differ from our sponsors in that they donate educational, training and certification opportunities, instead of money. This works out especially well when you consider that we spend the majority of our sponsorship donations on that very thing!

If you are an institution of higher education, or an official training provider (OTP) in the cybersecurity space, you can support SNCA by donating your services. For example, we partner with higher education institutions on the establishment of degree scholarships, whereas an OTP might provide us with training offerings we can award to deserving individuals. Educational Partners receive all the same benefits as our paid sponsors.

It all supports our goal of developing our own cybersecurity professionals here in Southern Nevada in an effort to meet the overwhelming demand, while saving local businesses the money and inconvenience of having to look out of state.

If you would like to discuss becoming and Educational Partner, please email for more information.



“SNCA is committed to providing corporate funded educational opportunities for those seeking to advance in the field of cybersecurity, and actively promotes the development and advancement of women in STEM related fields.”