Not a day goes by in the news, where you hear about cyber security or the need for workers to fill technology related jobs. There is a tremendous need in Southern Nevada for employers to find students who are interested in cyber security careers.

What you may not know – this year students across Southern Nevada are attending summer camps to learn about cyber security and computer coding. Students in these camps are learning how to program computers, have fun with robotics, do cyber security, and learn how to combat malicious activities of cyber criminals. Students even get the chance to dive into competition with each other by performing ethical hacking and system hardening.  As the job demand increases across Southern Nevada (and nationally), programs run by the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) & Code Central in Henderson are hoping to bring young minds together to help ease the cyber security job shortage and fill the knowledge gap.

What is a Cyber Patriot Summer Camp?

Cyber Patriot Summer Camp is a program that allows students in middle and high school to test their cyber skills in different scenarios. There were 30+ students who traveled to the College of Southern Nevada recently to participate.

Joseph Ryan is the CSN Technology Assistant Chairperson explains, “CSN is an institution that concentrates on the applied aspects of education. This gives students in these cyber security summer camps the perfect environment to learn and practice using tools that they will encounter throughout their careers”.

This week-long cyber camp allows students to learn more about operating systems, servers, system security and much more. Students get opportunities to be exposed to industry experts to learn and practice system hardening, patching and keeping their operating systems secure. In Cyber Summer Camp, all students get the opportunity to test their skills against each other on Friday in a friendly competition.

One of the students attending the Cyber Summer Camp, Tyler was asked about his dedication to the program and why is he interested in this field, “I have an uncle in cybersecurity and he has a passion for computers’. Cyber Summer Camp Volunteer, Jamil has two of his own children participating –  Cerena and Keenan, students from of Sig Rogich Middle School in Summerlin, NV. Father Jamil shared his own educational experience with technology and encourages independent studies with summer camps such as these in conjunction with a formal education.

Code Central Summer Camps in Henderson

The Southern Nevada Cyber Security Alliance in partnership with Code Central in Henderson, 702.790.3930 is proud to offer a limited number of Summer Camp Scholarships on our SNCA.US website. The summer camp is for ages 7-17 and runs July 10 – 14, 2017 from 9 am – 3 pm. To apply for one of the scholarships (valued at $499.00!) please email To register your child for any of the code {central} Summer Camps, please visit the Code Central Website or their campus in Henderson, NV.

Written by Marcus Hogan, SNCA Guest Correspondent, CSN Cyber Security Student, Class of 2017